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In the Bommelerwaard you can visit charming villages and fortified towns. Where you can find everything about history, culture, art and beautiful landscapes.

The area is ideal for cycling and walking on the dikes along the rivers the Maas and the Waal and along quiet country roads in the beautiful nature of the Bommelerwaard. Especially in spring when the blossom is growing, the nature is amazing.

  • Bruchem is located directly to fortified town Zaltbommel, close to the River the Waal. Here you can find shops, restaurants, terraces, the week market, a theater/cinema and some attractions.
  • ’s-Hertogenbosch is located at 15 km from Bruchem. The beautiful Sint-Jans cathedral, a canal cruise over the Dieze, the lively city with restaurants, café's, cinemas, theatres, market and musea, are well worth to visit. And don’t forget to eat the famous ‘Bossche Bollen’.
  • Fortified towns Heusden and Woudrichem and the "Vestingdriehoek", with harbor, terraces, restaurants and art galeries.
  • Visiting castles, as Castle Ammersoyen and Castle Loevestein.
  • In nearby Hedel every First Monday of November the Horse market will be held, one of the largest in Europe.
  • Nice villages and terraces along the (dammed) Maas.
  • The Land of Maas and Waal on the other side of the A2 is also a beautiful area and worth to visit, where you can enjoy the romantic views of the land, water, river embankment and idyllic cottages.
  • Or a trip to the Betuwe in Rivierenland, which all year round is characterized by fruit.

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